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Featured • May 15, 2020

The Online Conference for Everyone

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Featured • July 29, 2020

The Most Unique Restaurant Management Software

For a few restaurant owners, arranging the capital, finding…

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Featured • September 17, 2020

How KafeCloud cloud kitchen helps your business scale in COVID-19?

Cloud kitchens are the new normal and are better suited for…

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Featured • November 12, 2020

Cloud kitchen is the new game-changer of food industry...

The food industry is changing with the changing world…

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Featured • February 05, 2021

Why do you need restaurant management software?

Whether it’s YouTube subscription, subscription for Times of India…

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Featured • April 25, 2021

Benefits of using Digital menu in your Restaurant

Have you thought about giving a complete makeover to…

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Featured • June 8, 2021

Using an outdated POS for your restaurant?

Imagine you are a restaurant owner, and business has been dull…

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Featured • August 15, 2021

Want to enhance customer loyalty at your restaurant?

He notices loyal customers reducing every month and cannot understand…

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Featured • September 17, 2021

Are you looking to build customer loyalty at your restaurant?

The present story - Once upon a time, there was an ice-cream…

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Featured • October 7, 2021

Here are the 5 Potential risks that can affect your restaurant business

Restaurants that close within a year or two have a similar story…

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Featured • November 2, 2021

Top 7 ways restaurants survive the slow season using this

Do you know what the pandemic did to restaurants worldwide?…

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Featured • December 12, 2021

Your restaurant has no online presence? This might be a BIG problem!

This is how new restaurants are being discovered…

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Featured • January 13, 2022

Here is how you can safely reopen your restaurant for indoor

The Government relaxed COVID restrictions with effect from…

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Featured • February 25, 2022

Top 8 elements you must add to your restaurant website

It is always said that the first impression is the…

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Featured • March 20, 2022

Here are the Top 4 ways restaurants can personalize the dining

Restaurants that care for customers always win!…

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Featured • April 12, 2022

How to understand the best Kitchen Management Software?

Finding the perfect and the most effective kitchen…

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Featured • April 28, 2022

Benefits of Kitchen Management Software

A smooth operation of a kitchen requires several tasks…

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Featured • May 13, 2022

Essential Steps for Setting Up a Kitchen Management Software

Before setting up a perfect kitchen management software…

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Featured • May 24, 2022

Manage Your Kitchen in a better way

After setting up your kitchen management software…

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Featured • June 05, 2022

Managing the Equipment

Having the proper equipment is very important for managing…

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Featured • June 22, 2022

Tools and Technology

Setting up a kitchen management software is not the end for…

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Featured • June 28, 2022

Hygiene and Safety

It goes without saying that the kitchen safety and hygiene…

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Featured • July 05, 2022

5 Ways by which the profitability of a Restaurant can be Increased

The sole purpose of a restaurant is to ensure…

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Featured • July 26, 2022

Restaurant Management Blog

In this age of digitalisation, online marketing is the sole…

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Featured • August 15, 2022

Digital Marketing Strategies

The sole purpose of a restaurant is to ensure…

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Featured • August 29, 2022

Five Food Trends to Look Out

The sole purpose of a restaurant is to ensure…

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Featured • September 15, 2022

Employees are Everything

Customers are always right but employees are always…

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Featured • September 25, 2022

Pros and Cons. for Website Marketing for Restaurant

In this age of digitalisation, website marketing is…

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Featured • October 08, 2022

How to make a good Website for your Restaurant

A good website is very important for maintaining…

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