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Why do you need restaurant

management software?

Featured • February 05, 2021

Are you juggling inventories, orders, staff hours, reservations, online orders, and other operational activities to run a successful restaurant business?

If you’re one of those and trying to recover from the impact of COVID-19, invest in a capable restaurant management software today!

Restaurant management software is one of the best changes in technology and it’s important to stay informed and updated about it when you’re in the hospitality business.

In simple words, restaurant management software is designed to operate and manage your restaurant efficiently. It helps you maximize sales revenue by streamlining operations.

POS or point-of-sale is the center of this technology that saves you a lot of effort and resources. POS software organizes your operations and helps in the smooth transaction between a customer and a merchant. The employees and managers can focus on their jobs rather than getting stuck in the small loopholes.

Streamline operations, reduce overhead and wait times affect customer satisfaction, and increase your day-to-day sales. A great restaurant management software like KafeCloud (Link of KafeCloud) helps you to improve efficiency and profitability, also it’s capable of managing inventory, staff, menu, food cost, orders, table management, and reservations.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity and be left behind, Right?

Let’s dive into the benefits of restaurant management software.

  1. Save your time, cost, and efforts.
  2. You can reduce inefficiencies, streamline processes, and enable smart labor scheduling with restaurant management software. Save your time and efforts of manually adding the data about sales, orders, or staff working hours.

    With full POS integration, eliminate the possibility of human error. Keep your restaurant on track with labor cost analytics and reporting.

    Investing in restaurant management software will empower you to make better decisions for daily operations.

  3. Access anytime, anywhere, and from any device.
  4. The powerful restaurant management software and application like KafeCloud are easy-to-use and integrate with any device. You get complete flexibility to access your restaurant operations from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

    You can schedule shifts of your employees in an online user interface and notify them easily.

    Next time if you wish to take a break and go for a vacay,

    you can be a hands-on manager with restaurant management software while out traveling.

  5. Accounting was never so easier
  6. Automatically and instantly, all the transactions are entered into the system including daily sales, payments, orders, and more. These automatic entries allow you to review sale reports, labor cost data, and other business analytics.

    Restaurant management software can also be linked with your bank and all your bank transactions can be downloaded directly. RMS streamlines the accounting process and gives you a real picture of the restaurant business growth.

    With strong restaurant management software, transactions are captured digitally, manual errors are eliminated, and times spent on manual payables are reduced.

    Build a great customer experience, let your staff focus on their main tasks, and naturally increase the restaurant’s sales.

  7. Accelerate your restaurant services with a KOT system
  8. A Kitchen Order Ticket is simply a printed ticket of the order that a customer places and the server add it into the POS system. The ticket is then forwarded to the kitchen and used for daily sales reports.

    The Kitchen Order Tickets system is an electronically generated system that allows the meals to get prepared on time and more tables are served. This system is also naturally sustainable as it helps to reduce the usage of paper.

    Shift to the KOT system and reduce the wait time for your customers. It helps to make the flow of orders smooth, scales down the labor cost, eliminates manual error, and reduces monetary expenses.

    Don’t give it a second thought and get an automated KOT system for your restaurant today.

    Check out KafeCloud (add KafeCloud’s link) for one of the best KOT systems.

  9. Know your Inventory
  10. With restaurant management software, make the inventory management process more efficient. Food costs are one of the highest expenses and the top most challenge when it comes to the restaurant business and restaurant management software helps you optimize the food cost.

    You can track the availability and cost of ingredients. This also helps you to analyze the cost of ingredients and cost per dish. Using inventory management streamlines the process of stocking the ingredients and placing the order for the required quantity.

    Restaurant and inventory management helps to efficiently maximize the profits of your restaurant business.

  11. Gets your online orders right
  12. Takeaway orders are the most important part of any restaurant especially after the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the globe. Customers want to collect the order on the go or want to receive the orders at their homes or workplace.

    The restaurant receives the request directly in the system, once the order is placed and the operating team has good visibility of ordering channels. Customers have their own choices and they like to customize their food. With RMS, there is almost no chance to miss out on the orders.

    Orders received online reflect in the POS system directly and it is integrated with an ordering system that shows the orders accepted from multiple channels.

    KafeCloud ensures that the customer experience of ordering and tracking their order is smooth as a glider.

    This helps you track down the best-seller items and overall helps to increase the revenue.

  13. Let your customers reserve their favorite corner.
  14. Restaurant management software lets your guest reserve a table prior. Then you get the confirmation of new reservations or cancellations. You can control the occupancy and manage the space and tables accordingly.

    KafeCloud’s restaurant management software is easy-to-use and provides the guest the ease to select a preferred table with special instructions.

    Restaurant managers get a notification and they can directly add it into the system. RMS has an intuitive interface that makes it affordable, easy to accept, and handle reservations. Your restaurant works smartly and you get more guests.

  15. Stay in touch with your customers
  16. Communication is the key to a successful restaurant business. With efficient restaurant management software, you can send notifications to your customers regarding their order status and availability.

    You can notify your customers about the new offers, specialdiscounts, upgraded menu items, happy hours, and the latest timings. It helps to attract more potential customers and hold the existing customers.

    KafeCloud Restaurant management software helps you stay connected with your customers to provide them with a better experience and gain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  17. ‘Order online’ widget to order from your website
  18. The restaurant management software of KafeCloud provides a unique widget of ‘Order online’ for a website. Customers can directly order the food online through the website by clicking on this widget.

    When customers visit your website to check what’s new, they get a widget to directly order, don’t need to visit a third-party website or app. RMS makes the work easier for you and your customers in every aspect.

    If you are new in the restaurant business or you may have an old traditional restaurant business, don’t give a doubt of benefit to have restaurant management software.

    Better customer experience, less management stress, great efficiency level, employees’ satisfaction, and improved customer satisfaction, are all the important reasons to consider an efficient RMS.

Kafecloud is offering a free trial of restaurant management software which you don’t wanna miss!

Use it before you believe it!

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