Kafecloud | Online Ordering System for Restaurants
Self service kiosk for restaurants

All-in-one desktop POS with dashboard & mobile app support.

Automate your operations, manage your restaurant business efficiently, and boost profits!

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Reporting & Analytics

Our POS software gives you reports so you can better understand your customer food choice, locations with most orders, sales performance, etc.

Integrate with online ordering channels

Integrate with third-party aggregators and manage online orders via our POS. Choose which food items are to be included/excluded for online ordering on these portals.

Contactless payment

Offer your customers a contactless payment experience by sending a digital receipt to your customers via SMS and QR code scanners so the payment is quick and swift.

Manage inventory in real-time

Manage your inventory smartly using our inventory system present in the Point of sale software.

Benefits of a Restaurant POS

A robust point of sale software can benefit restaurants in tons of ways. Here are a few major benefits that can help you manage your restaurant operations smoothly.

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Easy & Accurate Billing + KOT software

Every QSR, Café, or restaurants need quick billing and solutions to run its business smoothly

Our cloud-based restaurant billing software helps you manage to bill for dine-in, takeaway, and home deliveries.

Our Billing software is created keeping simplicity and accuracy in mind. Use this to handle your billing operations, manage tables, and generate KOT easily with the highest accuracy.

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Menu and Table Management

The ultimate goal of every restaurant is to manage its daily operations smoothly.

You can provide digital menus via a QR code to give your customers total control of the order.

Through analytics, you’ll be able to recognize what are the star food items on your menu. Accordingly create add-on, customize items on the menu.

You can also improve table management, reduce waiting time, and gradually increase customer satisfaction.

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Improve Customer Relationship with your Brand

Most customers appreciate when their favorite restaurant provides a personalized experience for them.

Our POS system helps you understand what your regular customers are ordering and which items are their favorites.

With our POS, you can also communicate directly with your customers and send them promotional offers, discount codes, etc.

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