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Restaurant Software for dine-in

All-in-One Dine-In management system

With our POS system, manage everything at your Dine-In restaurant right from tables, KOTs, billing, inventory, discounts, and much more.

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All-in-one system

Managing your Dine-In gets easier and smarter with our POS ordering system.

Using our all-in-one system, get insights and understand customer behavior. You can use this data to create a better ordering experience for your customers.

Using Insights and analytics, you can not only improve customer experience but also focus on growing revenue for your Dine-In.

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Online Ordering Widget

Having a website is important for any Dine-In restaurant to succeed.

Owning a website allows your customers to directly find you via their desktop, mobile, tabs, etc.

With KafeCloud, get a website that’s fully integrated for online ordering.

Online ordering app
for your Dine-In

Customers use mobile phones more than desktops. Hence having a mobile app for your Dine-In is the need of the hour.

With a mobile app for your Dine-In, reach out to all your loyal customers so they can order their favorite food directly from your restaurant’s mobile app.

The mobile app will reflect the same look and feel of your Dine-In that helps your customers connect with your brand in a better way.

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Dine-In POS Features

Quick Billing

Set pricing for different dine-in sections (AC/Non-AC). The best part about our system is that it promotes quick billing and bifurcate menu pricing as per table sections.

Table Management

Our system gives you total flexibility in terms of setting up tables, moving them as per your guest’s preference, and even merging them.

Inventory Management

With our real-time inventory tracker, pre-plan and order stock that are going to be exhausted. Also, manage food costs and inventory most effectively.

Manage discount coupons

You can create discounts/promotions on any time of the day/week. Set a separate pricing for them as well. Once you set them, our system automates it saving you time and keeping your customers happy.

Analytics & Insights

Through analytics for Dine-In, understand what your customers like to order. Accordingly, provide item variations and add-ons that your customers can order and increase customer satisfaction.