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How KafeCloud cloud kitchen helps

your business scale in COVID-19?

Featured • September 17, 2020

Cloud kitchens are the new normal and are better suited for the current socially distanced situation. The shift in customer’s behavior regarding safety and hygiene has a high impact on traditional dine-in restaurants. Consumers enjoy restaurant- like food from the convenience and comfort of their homes.

This has also helped restaurateurs minimize the heavy costs – rent, staff, overheads, interiors, maintenance, and many more. (Read the article- Benefits of Cloud kitchen)

KafeCloud is one of the best restaurant management software supporting cloud kitchen businesses. The unique online ordering system helps you manage multiple virtual restaurants and improve customer experience.

Get complete assistance for creating a website/mobile app, managing inventory, discount coupons, and making the billing process seamless. In short, from productivity to customer satisfaction, KafeCloud has everything you need to run a successful cloud kitchen business in these difficult times.

Let’s find out how?

  1. Create your user-friendly and highly optimized website to make a prominent online presence.
  2. For restaurants having cloud kitchens, a highly optimized and notable website is essential. KafeCloud helps you build a professionally designed website with a user-friendly interface optimized for mobile and other devices.

    A well-built website created with KafeCloud’s restaurant management software creates engagement with customers. Our software ensures that your website is completely integrated for online ordering.

    Invest in the robust cloud kitchen online ordering system of KafeCloud, save your money, and get a variety of themes to create a beautiful website for your cloud kitchen restaurant.

  3. Build your restaurant’s own attractive mobile application
  4. Customers access mobiles more than desktops. Investing in a powerful mobile app is crucial for your cloud kitchen business to engage more customers and improve overall profits. The mobile app gives a complete picture of your restaurant.

    With KafeCloud, build your attractive application that brings higher customer engagement. Offer an easy-to-use mobile application with appealing visuals of meals, a concise and easy-to-read menu, and quick loading time to your potential customers. Draw more customers in and build a long-term relationship by allowing them to order directly from your mobile app.

  5. Cloud kitchens are all about contactless ordering and delivery.
  6. COVID-19 has escalated demand for online ordering, delivery, and pick-up. Now the paper menu is replaced with the digital menu. Mobile apps are a safer and more efficient way to order food now.

    With KafeClouds’s contactless online ordering system, your restaurants can deliver a high standard of services and safety to your customers. Allow your food delivery team and customers a user-friendly app to get instant notifications for seamless ordering and delivery.

    KafeCloud’s RMS provides an unmatched customer experience with a smart delivery app, various payment modes, and easy tracking order status.

  7. Offer customized discounts and personalized deals to your customers.
  8. 100Rs cashback

    25% Off on your fav pasta

    By 1 Get 1 pizza Free

    There will be no one who will not feel tempted after seeing these discounts.

    Bring back your old customers and attract new customers with promos and deals. KafeCloud lets you create and offer rewards, discounts, referral programs, customized offers, etc.

    You can also design weekly special combos or personalized discounts inspired by the past orders of your frequent customers. KafeCloud’s online ordering system automates the schedule of discounts and helps you save time.

    Make better sales and generate repeat orders with appealing discount coupons.

  9. Know your customers and analyze your restaurant’s insight.
  10. The restaurant management software lets you track the information of customers, number of orders, best-selling dishes, most frequent delivery locations, popular payment modes, and more.

    Think how important it is to leverage this data to upsell, retain more customers, and drive repeat business. You can alter the menu to suit demands and increase profit margins.

    “Take a break and order your favorite waffle at 20% off” - these types of messages not just help to promote your business but also create a personal touch with your customers."

  11. Third-party aggregators integration and direct delivery
  12. Deliver by your own set of delivery boys or with third-party services, KafeCloud provides both options. It’s important to make sure quick and safe delivery of food. KafeCloud is integrated with leading third-party aggregators.

    Give your customers the freedom to choose from different modes of payments - cash, debit/credit cards, UPI, GPay, Stripe, and more.

    The concept of a virtual kitchen has increased dramatically in the recent time of COVID-19. KafeCloud has all the upgraded technology and a powerful dashboard to help your cloud kitchen stay up-to-date.

    Level up your business, improve your brand image, and boost your sales with the highly efficient features of the KafeCloud cloud kitchen online ordering system.

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