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Cloud kitchen is the new game-changer of food

industry | 6 advantages of cloud kitchen

Featured • November 12, 2020

The food industry is changing with the changing world. The hottest topic for restaurant operators is cloud kitchen also known as a virtual or a dark kitchen. The delivery-oriented cloud kitchens can prove to be the new future for the restaurant industry.

First let’s understand, what is a cloud kitchen?

The concept is simple - A cloud kitchen is a restaurant that uses commercial kitchen space to prepare food for delivery and takeaways. They don’t have any storefront and dining areas. They only exist online through applications and websites.

Virtual kitchens operate through online orders and serve multiple cuisines through a single kitchen. Unlike traditional restaurants, cloud kitchens allow restaurant owners to try new trends with minimal overheads.

Thinking of opening a cloud kitchen?

Take an in-depth look at the following 6 crucial benefits to consider Cloud kitchen online ordering system - An ideal solution for your food business.

  1. Play safe and eliminate your real estate and overhead cost.
  2. The prices of real estate today are not less than a nightmare. Above that, the cost of running and maintaining a restaurant is one of the toughest challenges. To avoid high deposits and rents, many startups and established restaurant entrepreneurs are diverted to viable kitchen-only units for making food in a hassle-free way.

    Cloud kitchen significantly reduces the operational and labor cost. There is no need for the front-of-house staff. A virtual kitchen can also eliminate other expenses like fancy dinnerware, decorations, menu cards, interior design, furniture, and many more. This is definitely a cost-efficient option than a dine-in restaurant.

    Cloud kitchens are worth exploring as a potential option for anyone and everyone.

  3. Run more efficiently than dine-in restaurants
  4. A cloud kitchen makes it easy to carry out food orders. The sole purpose is to prepare and deliver top-quality food. The waiting time at the prime hours makes the delivery process difficult. By utilizing customized spaces and implementing minimal optimization of resources and delivery processes, dark kitchens aka cloud kitchens can run more efficiently.

    You can operate multiple brands from one kitchen or can share your kitchen space. You also can batch-prep ingredients for different cuisines and speed up the preparation process to handle the order to delivery drivers.

  5. Great opportunities for expansion
  6. With cloud kitchen, you get various opportunities to expand your business. Open and manage multiple brands from the same kitchen, extend your kitchen geographically to other locations, or you can do both.

    With flexibility in location and property cost, you can start catering to different localities. Currently, the best example of a cloud kitchen is Faasos which is running 150+ kitchens. This includes 4 distinct menus and brands - Faasos, Behrouz Biryani, Oven story, and Firangi bake.

    Start your cloud kitchen from your home, parking lot, basement, or warehouse, and expand your business like never before.

  7. Provide competitive and unbeatable menu prices to your customers
  8. Since you have a direct advantage of not investing in several areas like traditional restaurants, you can use the profit margins to offer reasonable pricing.

    What do the working people want?

    A fairly priced food cooked in authentically.

    You can observe your customer data, update the menu, ingredients, and provides the best offers to your customers to run your business more productively. Cloud kitchen helps you improve all-in-all customer satisfaction by setting competitive prices, providing good quality food, and delivering the food on time.

  9. Reach a larger audience with low-cost marketing channelst
  10. Cloud kitchens are entirely online-based restaurant businesses. So the ideal marketing platform for them is social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google.

    Your delivery app partners are also a great source to promote your menu and brand. With low-cost promotions like Email and SMS marketing, you can reach out to your core audience.

    Generate a buzz with low-cost advertising and reach out to more audiences for your cloud kitchen restaurant.

  11. Experiments and flexibility are the keys to a successful restaurant business
  12. Continuing the series of advantages, cloud kitchen provides the flexibility to keep experimenting with your food items and menu. You can adapt to new food trends comfortably and provide versatile food options to your valuable customers.

    A virtual kitchen allows the restaurateur to get creative with the menu and swap out the items that aren’t performing well with the customers. Digital menu allows you to change your menu whenever you want in a couple of clicks.

    Test new offerings and bring your ideas to life with cloud kitchens.

    In short, cloud kitchens are high profit, low-risk, and low capital solution for restaurant owners that allows focusing on two important things;

    1. Preparing high-quality and delicious food.
    2. Delivering it on time.

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