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Are you looking to build customer loyalty at

your restaurant? Try these Top 5 Tips!

Featured • September 17, 2021

The present story - Once upon a time, there was an ice-cream restaurant known as Sweet. They sold ice-creams at a decent rate of USD 1 per scoop. On the first day of every month, the brand ran a promotional campaign – On the 1 st of every month, 1 scoop = 1 USD.

The reaction – People of all ages went crazy listening to the offer. On the 1 st of every month, there was a queue for as long as one can imagine. The brand made good sales on the 1st even though every scoop costs 1 USD.

The future story – “Sweet” had the best sales on the 1 st of every month. But on the other 29/30 days, sales went below normal. The brand noticed new customers coming in only on the 1 st and not returning. That was an enormous problem for the ice cream brand owner.

So are you wondering how the ice-cream restaurant owner gets people back?

HINT – Customer loyalty!

What is customer loyalty for a restaurant?

Customer loyalty for a restaurant is creating a firm relationship foundation. Whether it is a new or a rival restaurant offering better deals, loyal customers will come to your restaurant. This is a sure-shot way of ensuring you make decent sales every month. Hence, restaurants must work on converting one-time visiting customers into loyal customers.

Why is customer loyalty important for a restaurant business?

Surviving in the restaurant business is demanding. Whether you are an upcoming café or a well-established restaurant, give your best shot every day. This way, customers will keep visiting your restaurant, and you will never run out of business. But the best way one can ensure all of this is via customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty allows you to generate confirmed sales. This means you will always have a source of income from regular customers. Getting customer loyalty can be one of the best ways your business survives, grows, and transforms into a popular restaurant.

How can a restaurant build customer loyalty?

There are several ways restaurants can lure in first-time customers and convert them into loyal customers. With decades of experience in this industry, we know the tricks of the trade. Hence, to make it easy, we have created a list of Top 5 Tips. Anyone can use these 5 tips to build customer loyalty at their restaurant.

  1. Get a POS that works for you:
  2. First, find restaurant POS (Point of sale) software that helps your restaurant operate efficiently. Every restaurant business needs to get restaurant management software. You can accept online orders, check analytics, table management, QR code ordering, and create your mobile app so customers can order food.

  3. Create a loyalty program/reward program:
  4. Second, you will work on creating a customer loyalty program. Decide what will be the basis for this program. Example: For every scoop of ice cream, we will reward you with 50 points. After 500 points, get a scoop of your choice for FREE.

    Starting a loyalty program gives customers a reason to come back and order from your restaurant. Offer exciting rewards to your most spenders, and it will benefit your restaurant business in the long run.

  5. Use analytics and insights:
  6. After creating a loyalty program, the best way to know if it works is using analytics and insights. Hence, opt for a restaurant POS that has analytics and insights. These analytics will help you identify what your customers like, hate, and look for improvements. Use it to increase restaurant revenue and analyze the impact of the loyalty program on customers.

  7. Send promotional offers, discounts:
  8. After creating a program and using analytics, you will create a plan. This plan deals with sending promotional offers, discounts, and notifications to your customers. These messages act as a trigger and will remind the customer of visiting your restaurant. For example, send them offers near their birthday or anniversaries.

  9. Repeat the process for optimum results:
  10. Follow these 4 steps for optimum results. Get a restaurant POS that helps manage your business smoothly. We understand that running a customer loyalty program is challenging. Consumer needs and wants keep growing. Hence, your loyalty program will grow with time. Use analytics to identify customer behavior and give customers what they want.

Which is the best restaurant POS to build customer loyalty?

The best restaurant POS in the market to build customer loyalty is KafeCloud.

What is KafeCloud?

KafeCloud is restaurant management software that helps in managing your restaurant effectively. With the help of our unique online ordering system, any restaurant can run its business smoothly, minus any hassle.

KafeCloud is not just software. Our system can help transform your restaurant and stay ahead of the competition. So if you are looking for the best online ordering system, connect with us for a FREE DEMO.