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Benefits of using Digital menu

in your Restaurant

Featured • April 25, 2021

Top 8 major advantages of using a Digital menu in your Restaurant.

Have you thought about giving a complete makeover to your food menu books? And that too digitally and sustainably?

Yes! The new trend of digitizing restaurant menus instead of traditional hard copies enhances your brand image and improves your business practices.

These digital menu books are quick, easy to access, and cost-effective solutions to create an exceptional customer experience.

Do you know why digital menu rules over the old traditional menu?

Unlike the hard copy menu, the digital menu is loaded with lots of automated features that help your restaurant stay on the top in the list of “Most visited restaurants in town".

Here are the top 8 benefits of using a digital menu in your restaurant.

  1. Save money and paper
  2. Digital menu increases profit and minimizes operating costs.


    1. Update your food menu at no cost and with less effort.
    2. Save and reduce the cost of redesigning and reprinting.
    3. Add seasonal discounts and special offers anytime.
    4. Any error in the menu, fix it in seconds.
    5. Environment friendly - No need for printing means no wastage of paper.

    With smart technology comes a digital menu! Simply create, edit, design, and update your restaurant’s menu whenever in need.

  3. Do it yourself with Digital Menu.
  4. Yes, now no need to pay designers to change the menu or wait for the new prints. With a customized and instant digital menu, restaurant managers can remove non-performing items; update the menu items and price in few minutes.

    Boost sales, work efficiently and increase profit margins with the Digital menu.

  5. Great opportunity for cross-selling
  6. Imagine seeing a photo of red velvet cheesecake, mixed-berry smoothies, or cheese-loaded fries. Unquestionably, for at least once you’ll think to order one of those. This tempting behavior makes customers- order extra.

    The POS systems can integrate digital menu boards and they provide restaurant managers golden opportunity for selling extra menu items. This helps you maximize your profit and brings a huge rise in sales.

  7. Display fascinating images with the marketing message
  8. Fun fact- “The human brain can process visuals up to 60,000 times faster than text.”

    This means digital menu content created with visuals is naturally more engaging. You can run your promotional message, special discounts, and offers anytime with luring images of food and beverages.

    The digital screen has bright HD visuals that hold the eyes of the customers at the screen, and that is the best chance to display promotional content.

  9. Safe and Contactless menu
  10. The most important factor in the prevailing situation of COVID-19 is safety and less human contact. QR code digital menus are perfect for this new normal phase after 2 nd wave and lockdowns.

    The popular QR code menus are perfect contactless menu where the customers have to scan through their mobile cameras to access the menu. Customers can view and order directly from the same link and your staff can recheck the order from them while maintaining social distancing protocols.

    The safety and comfort of ordering from a QR code digital menu excel your sale.

  11. Develop strong relationships with your customers
  12. Building relationship with customers is fundamental for marketing and customer loyalty, and the digital menu plays a vital role in that.

    Simple and easy-to-use, the digital menu is all about creating a great brand experience. The staff of your restaurant gets time to communicate with the customers, ask for suggestions and feedback about the food, ambiance, and services. This type of one-to-one conversation helps your servers to build a strong bond with customers.

    The customers connect with the staff, and the ones who rarely visit become regular customers.

    Digital Menu → Build strong relationships with your customers → Rise in Sales → Increase in profit → Growth of restaurant

  13. Streamline the online ordering system and reduces wait time
  14. Digital menu board displays the real and attractive pictures of food items that help customers to make quick orders and leads to streamlining the overall online ordering system. With a digital menu, restaurants can make the working of the online ordering system seamless, easy, and fast.

    In a couple of clicks, customers can directly order the meals that further reduce the waiting time. The restaurant staff is quicker, serves more customers, and provides them with a good dining experience.

    Digital menu also provides you an opportunity that while the customers are waiting, you can incorporate interesting facts, fun videos, or promotional content. This will improve your ratings and reviews and customers will come back to your restaurants more frequently.

  15. Eliminate human error with centralized control
  16. Restaurant managers can now track and control the complete process of the online ordering system and menu from anywhere. The entire system can be monitored and there is no room for employee errors.

    Digital menu facilitates quick and easy online ordering so it reduces the possibilities of manual error. Customers have the liberty to place the order online so there are almost no chances of mistakes and wrong orders.

The benefits of using digital menus for restaurants are enormous. Digital menus are one of the best revenue-boosting technologies.

Get all benefits under the single restaurant management software of KafeCloud that allows you to connect with your customers visually. When you implement KafeCloud’s POS RMS system with a digital menu, you can eliminate several costs and manage the restaurant more efficiently.

The online ordering system of KafeCloud streamlines and simplifies the ordering. KafeCloud’s digital menu helps you to enhance the appearance of your restaurant, impress guests, improve their experience, and increase sales.

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